Union Station

Union Station

The goal of Union Station is to bring parents and children together in an environment where the entire family can be "on the same track." Children discover truths from God's Word; parents see first-hand what they are taught and how they are taught, and get a natural opportunity for further discussions later.

For 1st-6th grades AND their parents (the program is intended for 1st–6th grades, but all family members are welcome).

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Sundays, 9:30am, Gym:

April 5, May 3

Designed with Parents in Mind

We know most parents desire to have their children learn about our great and awesome God, but with busy family schedules, it's sometimes hard to know how to incorporate this into daily family routines.

As parents, God has told us in Deuteronomy how He wants us to teach our children about Him – "when we rise up, when we sit down, when we walk along the way." This could be translated in "year 2000-speak" as "when we drive in a carpool, when we sit down to eat (even if it's McDonald's), or when we're putting our children to bed. "Many times, families come to church and everyone goes their separate ways as soon as they walk in the building. By the time families re-connect at the end of the morning, the biggest discussion tends to be about "what's for lunch?" rather than "what did you learn at church today?"

Union Station is designed to help parents begin that important discussion of "what did you learn today?" because they've had a shared experience with their child.

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Union Station is something family members can all talk about when they leave the building.

Families are introduced to a monthly biblical virtue through a fast-paced, action-packed hour that includes energetic music, hilarious sketches with recurring characters, creative Bible story time and just plain fun!

Each month children are sent home with a “widget” that reminds them of our monthly Christ Connection. In addition, each week children bring home a weekly devotional called “My Christ Connection” that correlates with the Bible lesson taught on Sunday.


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