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The Evangelical Mormon Outreach Quarterly for people in the pews

  • Information, ideas, and encouragement for addressing modern-day Mormon religion
  • Half-page, printed (ISSN 1065-4852)
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  • Published 4 times per year since 1990

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Volume 23, No. 4 : Perfection, peace, and assurance of eternal life: a message Mormons need to hear.

Volume 23, No. 3: According to Mormons, Joseph Smith is a prophesied, modern-day Elijah. They know this because they rewrote scripture to say so. Be alert for other rewritten "biblical" teachings of Mormonism.

Volume 23, No. 2: Talk to Mormons about marriage: background and suggestions

Volume 23, No. 1 : Mormons use the King James Version Bible modified by "revelation"


Volume 22, No. 4 : Forgive a Mormon/Win a Mormon

Volume 22, No. 3 : Refer Mormons to their Book of Abraham

Volume 22, No. 2: Mormon Doctrines of Father, Son, and Mortals

Volume 22, No. 1: The Bible alone? Not for Mormons


Volume 21, No. 4:  Mormons you need to know

Volume 21, No. 3: Mormon temples, laws, and false prophets: Out of sync with Christian faith

Volume 21, No. 2: Mormon religion in its own words

Volume 21, No. 1: Justified! Why Christians want to share the Gospel with Mormons.


Volume 20, No. 4: Talk  to Mormons: Christian Opportunity

Volume 20, No. 3: Mormon Bold Assumptions

Volume 20, No. 2: Bible's salvation message for Mormons.

Volume 20, No. 1: The Fall: Why Mormons need to hear from you.

Volume 19, No.4: The Mormons you know: Who are they

Volume 19, No.3: Inviting a Mormon to church

Volume 19, No.2: Church traces itself to Adam and the Gods

Volume 19, No.1: Brief, ready response to Mormons

Pastors' Perspective!

Because some men want to change the gospel of Christ (Galatians 1:7)

  • For pastors, missionaries, and other Christians addressing Mormon religion
  • Brief, current, accurate
  • Published monthly since 1997

(pdf files):

December 2012

Bhutan to Brazil and worldwide, Mormons plan to convert Christians and others to their "restored gospel."

November 2012

Mormon leader says Mormons are Christians because, among other things, they believe in Joseph Smith.

October 2012

You can use the Bible's pointed rhetorical questions to point Mormons to truth.

September 2012

Mormon "prophets," also called "seers and revelators," are problems for Mormons, but are used as tools for attracting converts.

August 2012

Mormons want to baptize you—and your family, living and dead.

July 2012

Mormons claim support of Martin Luther and seek yours, too.

June 2012

Does Joseph Smith control access to heaven? Ask a Mormon.

May 2012

Mormons seek perfection. Christians have good news for them.

April 2012

"One God, a fundamental Christian truth, denied by Mormons. Suggestions for Christians."

March 2012

Caution for Christians; real-life risks in Mormon missionary approaches

February 2012

Joseph Smith Told Me So

January 2012

Jesus saves. What Mormons think about that

December 2011

A look at Mormonism through its hymns

November 2011

The Mormon view of heaven

October 2011

The Mormon creed and rejection of traditional creeds

September 2011

Help Mormons understand the heaven of biblical faith

August 2011

Mormon testimonies. What are they talking about?

July 2011

Mormon law vs God's grace

June 2011

Mormons: faith in Joseph Smith is essential for eternal life

May 2011

A look at the Gods of Mormonism

April 2011

The Mormon message is . . . Joseph Smith

March 2011

Mormon 3-step view of life: Spirit in heaven; mortality; godhood (they hope)

February 2011

What can you say to Mormons about their "living prophet?

January 2011

Creeds: Mormon scholar would "change the language a bit

December 2010

Help Mormons rethink their doctrine of justification

November 2010

Mormons Complain

October 2010

Mormons on the Internet

September 2010

Mormon Church Divides Families

August 2010

Mormons work for eternal life, literally.

July 2010

Some contemporary risks of Mormon proselyting

June 2010

Aberrant, enticing doctrine taught to young Mormon women

May 2010

The standard Mormon testimony

April 2010

The Difference Is Doctrine

March 2010

Mormon doublespeak

February 2010

Core of Mormonism: A man, a book, a church

January 2010

Mormon vs. minister & FYI: Mormon temple weddings

December 2009

Two Mormon Stories: Christmas and Creation

November 2009

Mormons on "grace." Why bother?

October 2009

Relating to a Mormon you know

September 2009

Mormons aren't what they used to be

August 2009

Mormons woo women

July 2009

Why Mormons might not talk to you

June 2009

Mormon prophets and saving the dead

May 2009

Mormon "common sense" - two examples

April 2009

Bottom line: Apostasy & Restoration

March 2009

Mormons Insist They Are Christians

February 2009

Why Mormonism Matters

January 2009

Mormon obstacles to truth

December 2008


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