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Dear Immanuel Family,

In years past, I have had many opportunities to pass along to you encouraging words by sharing what God is doing at Immanuel Bible Church. Whether informing you of local evangelistic outreaches, or sharing the results of foreign missions projects, or relaying the spiritual growth that is taking place in the lives of many who are involved in the ministries of our church; each of those information opportunities have given me great joy in being able to give glory to God for His grace and work in the hearts of His people.

This letter is different. Last night, the IBC Elders, in an effort to respond to the coronavirus health crisis, decided that until further notice we are going to move our worship service to an entirely on-line format. The service will stream at 9:30am on Sundays (but you will be able to join from the beginning at any time on Sunday after 9:30am).

Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to our Facebook page or YouTube page, and then find the livestream link.
  2. We will be streaming the entire service: there will be songs with lyrics on your screen for you to sing at home, Scripture reading, pastoral prayer, as well as a sermon and benediction.
  3. As much as is possible, our goal is to help you keep Sunday morning a priority by having our church worship together, only online.

All regularly scheduled and special activities at Immanuel Bible Church that occur throughout the week are cancelled until further notice. The church building will be closed and cleaned during this time.

What will church look like going forward? Expect to see increased contact from us. We will be sending you emails with updates, family devotionals, small group guides, and more. Expect to see more video content. Some classes will be online, as well as some fellowship groups and small groups. Our goal has always been getting the gospel from the corner Braddock and Backlick into the community. Our website will always have the latest available information.

Your role during this time is critical. Be the hands and feet of the church. Ask your neighbors how they are doing. Remember, many of them are going through a severe time of uncertainty and confusion, only they are doing so without the hope of Christ. Additionally, should you or someone you know in the church experience financial hardship or personal difficulty during this health crisis, we want to be aware of your need so that we can help. Please know that you can contact a pastor or an elder from the church to discuss your need.

Please capitalize on your own relationships within the church. Reach out to your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Ask them how they are doing, what they are reading, and if they are praying. Carve out time to call, text, and encourage each other. If you are faithful to do that, I’m confident that the Lord will bring our church through this trial in a better position even than we would have been without it.

I also want to address the issue of “Giving.” IBC supports dozens of staff on-site, and scores of missionaries around the world. While we will be striving to replicate much of our worship service on-line, we also have to remember giving. Already nearly half of our funds come from on-line donations, but I want to appeal to the other half of our church—please remember you have the option to give online.at ibc.church/give, or you may mail your offering to the church. Our mailing address is provided below

I want to thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and this church. While we are deeply concerned about the effects of a world-wide pandemic, of greater concern to us are the souls that are lost and in need of the saving knowledge of Christ. This could be the time when God uses the congregation of Immanuel Bible Church in a greater way to invest ourselves in advancing the Gospel like at no other time in our church’s history. At a time when some might now describe as the “worst of times,” God is sovereignly providing us with a unique opportunity to accept this challenge to make Him known; so that in years to come, we might look back on all that He did through us and describe it it as “the best of times!”

In closing, I encourage you to be mindful of the encouraging and comforting words of our Lord in Joshua chapter 1. As the Children of Israel stood at the Jordan ready to enter the Promised Land with a new leader, God reminded Joshua three times to be “strong and courageous.” He reminded Joshua that He would not leave him or forsake him. He reminded Joshua to meditate on His word and do what it says. He encouraged him not to be frightened or dismayed, because “the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

On behalf of the IBC Elders and Staff – Hold fast to Christ,

Steve Holley
Pastor of Ministries

Our mailing address:

Immanuel Bible Church
6911 Braddock Rd
Springfield, VA 22151

Click here to view letter in pdf format.

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