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Immanuel offers English as a Second Language classes to the community as a service and as an opportunity to share Jesus Christ's love. Four levels of classes, from beginning to advanced, are offered and staffed by volunteer teachers. Our program was established by the Immanuel Missions elders in 1995 with a goal of high quality English instruction and loving service to our international community. We value networking with the many excellent church-based ESL programs in the greater D.C. area as well as other Immanuel international and outreach ministries.

Please see Program Details and Volunteer Staff sections below for a fuller description of the Immanuel ESL program.

Program Details


Currently, we serve around 90 students from 21 countries. Around 30 students attend morning classes and 60 attend classes in the evening.


We offer the following levels:

  • Evening classes - New Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Morning classes - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

We offer secular English teaching and an introduction to the Bible and Christianity.


We sell the course book to students at our cost and charge a small registration fee. We offer Bibles, Christian literature and Jesus films in the student's native language free of charge.


Students fill out a general registration form. They are required to take a short verbal and written test to place them in the appropriate level of instruction. Each semester, registration is conducted the week before classes begin.

Special Classes and Events

From time to time, various classes are offered in understanding American culture, civics/citizenship, work related topics and pronunciation. Some of these are offered as individual classes or small group experiences. Special guests occasionally speak to the classes about topics of particular interest. These special classes and events are planned by volunteers from the Immanuel congregation to supplement the ESL teaching. All students and classes are encouraged to attend any Immanuel Bible Church special events, for example the Easter programs and Christmas concerts.

Volunteer Staff

The Immanuel ESL program utilizes approximately 70 volunteers; the majority comes from the IBC congregation and shows interest in cross-cultural ministry. It is our prayer that the ESL program can help Immanuel people become World Christians through praying for and interacting with those from other nations, faiths and customs. As the world literally comes to our doorstep, we desire to serve them in Jesus' name, to gain God's compassion for the lost, and to learn to worship God in unity with other ethnic believers. Through these cross-cultural experiences, our volunteers are trained to continue in cross-cultural ministry both locally and overseas in the years to come.

An incredible variety of volunteer tasks are performed in the ESL ministry: greeting, hospitality, publicity, baking and coffee making, program coordinating, teaching and assistant teaching, substituting, sharing simple Bible stories, acting as congregational and ABF liaisons and organizing special programs. Time commitments are very flexible, ranging from one time per semester to weekly commitments over months. Training is available.

Ideally, the program should have 14 teachers, 14 helpers, six or seven substitute teachers, two coordinators, several special events volunteers, and also several greeters and registration helpers at the beginning of each semester.

Classroom Staff

Each ESL class is staffed with one teacher and an assistant or helper. Teachers only teach once per week; therefore each ESL class has one teacher on Tuesdays and a different teacher on Thursdays/Fridays. The teachers act as a team, coordinating lesson progress and activities.

Teacher training is available both in-house and through local church-based training programs. Prior to each semester, Immanuel hosts a 4-6 hour training session.

Ministry/Outreach Volunteers

Conversation Partners - Commit to meeting at least twice a month, anywhere and anytime, with an international that is interested in improving their English and having an American friend. A great opportunity for building long term evangelistic relationships.

Sara Ortiz, ESL Program Director
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