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Mormon Outreach Ministry

  • Addressing contemporary Mormon religion from a biblical perspective
  • Encouraging Christian witness to Mormons
  • Offering the new periodic supplement ("P.S.") by email and on the web (sign up HERE)
  • Providing immediately by mail bulk printed copies of any “MOQ” currently on our site

Since 1990 we have published hundreds of brief monthly and quarterly papers (“MOQ” and “Pastors’ Perspective!”), many of which may be viewed HERE. You may read, download, and print “P.S.,” "MOQ," and "Pastors' Perspective!" papers from this site for personal or small group use, or church-wide distribution.

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- No More 'Mormons'

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- Mormon doctrines for Mormon children

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- The Mormon religion: complex stories for children

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- Mormonism 101 for Mormon kids

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- False doctrine, false prophets, false scriptures

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- Are they saved? Mormons say yes, no, and maybe.

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- A look at the Book of Mormon

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- Mormon scripture: "the Gods" created, a parody of Genesis 1

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- Mormonism's emotional appeal

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- Help Mormons understand and receive God's free gift

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- Tell Mormon Missionaries: Getting Started

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- Opportunity to share Good News

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- The Mormon Creed

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- Mormons testify: they feel good, therefore they're right.

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- Strange doctrines of modern-day Mormon leaders

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- Mormon doctrine: Your siblings include your parents, spouse, children

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- What Mormons Say: What They Really Mean

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- Polygamy is not enough

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- Mormons: Heaven's Gatekeeper, Joseph Smith

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- What Mormons say they believe: Looking closer

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- "What is man? Who is God?"

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- Mormon Gods, men, angels: one species

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- 12-year old Mormon deacons

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- Mormon prophets invite. Jesus said, Don't go.

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- You can help that Mormon you know

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- Official and unofficial Mormonism

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- Mormon apostles and their doctrines

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- Mormon authority explains his religion's doctrinal underpinnings

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- Speaking with Mormons about salvation

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P.S. #16
  - Can you help them when Christian friends or family are attracted to Mormonism?

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P.S. #15
- Bad News: The Mormon passport to heaven

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P.S. #14
- Temple rituals define, dominate Mormon life

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P.S. #13
- Three official Mormon scripture accounts of Creation. Can they all be true?

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P.S. #12
- Their temples and dreams of Godhood

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P.S. #11
- What Mormon Missionaries Teach (pt 2)

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P.S. #10
- What Mormon Missionaries Teach

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P.S. #9
- Mormon missionary surge

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P.S. #8
- Christians, Mormons, Prophets, Christmas

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P.S. #7
- Mormon church asks if Mormons are Christians

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P.S. #6
- Why you need to know about Kolob

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P.S. #5
- Why do Christians need to know about this and related doctrines of Mormon religion?

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P.S. #4
- Twelve-year-old deacons and teen-age elders among Mormon church leaders

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P.S. #3
- Risks of stereotyping; and Mormon church PR

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P.S. #2
- Unbiblical doctrine in Mormon church hymns

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P.S. #1
- Quirks of Mormon religion and principles for Christian witness

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