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Overseas Cross-Cultural Missions

The people of Immanuel Bible Church are committed to pursuing a lost generation among the nations. World Outreach pursues effective cross-cultural outreach.

These efforts help reach an ever-changing world for Christ and mobilize our growing congregation of world Christians for cross-cultural outreach. For a fuller description of our goals and vision, please contact us.

Short-Term Outreach and Missions Projects (STOMP)

10-15 short term mission trips are sponsored by Immanuel each year, both for youth and adults/families. Our trips train Immanuel people to be world Christians, with an informed view of what God is doing among the peoples of the world. Short term trips provide opportunities to partner with missionaries we have on the field, supporting and encouraging them in their work. The trips also allow opportunity to serve alongside fellow believers from other cultures as we participate in evangelism, work projects, teaching and humanitarian service. Current brochures, applications, policies and information can be found by contacting the Missions office for adult trips and the Student Ministries office for youth trips. Learn more...


Immanuel Bible Church gives monthly financial assistance to approximately 68 short-term and career missionaries. 31 of these missionaries serve in an overseas cross-cultural capacity. Our overseas missionaries serve in 19 countries in areas as diverse as Bolivia, Colombia, France, Germany, Ghana and Japan. They are sent through many different missionary agencies and work within eight major ministry categories such as: church planting, education, evangelism and discipleship, humanitarian, support and leadership training.

Beyond financial support, many of our missionaries receive prayer and encouragement from the Immanuel family. You can be personally involved in our overseas missionaries' ministries through: prayer, correspondence, financial support, hosting, or partnering on overseas projects. Many of our overseas missionaries serve in sensitive areas where the spread of the gospel is hindered by significant political and cultural barriers. Due to privacy and security issues, specific information regarding these missionaries is not posted on this website. However, the Missions office will gladly help you individually pursue involvement in ministry with any of our overseas missionaries.

Click here for a list of Immanuel-supported Missionaries

Immanuel Christian School

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KStation: Our Children's Ministry

KStation is our ministry to children, birth through 6th grade. High energy and impactful. Learn More...

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