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U.S. Cross-Cultural Missions

The people of Immanuel Bible Church are committed to sharing Jesus Christ boldly to Internationals in our local area. We pursue effective cross-cultural outreach and ministry through the following:

These efforts reach our ever-changing community for Christ and mobilize our growing congregation of World Christians for cross-cultural outreach. For a fuller description of our goals, please see our Policies and Definitions regarding our Vision, Mission and Process, and Our Specific Mission Goals.

mutli cultural bridge 2018webgraphicThe Multi-Cultural Bridge

The Multi-Cultural Bridge promotes the connection of people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds at IBC and provides insights to the church as it ministers to an increasingly diverse congregation. We host a quarterly fellowship luncheon and offer training in cross-cultural friendships. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Mission and Outreach Office at 703.813.1954. More information, click here.


Immanuel Bible Church gives monthly financial assistance to approximately 47 short-term (one to four years of service) and career missionaries. These missionaries serve in one of three capacities: overseas cross-cultural outreach, U.S. cross cultural outreach, or stateside outreach. Twenty-four Immanuel missionaries serve in the U.S. and are primarily involved in cross-cultural outreach. They reach and minister to many different ethnic groups residing in the U.S. This type of cross-cultural outreach requires both the ability to relate to the International's cultural background, values, and unique needs as well as aiding them to adjust to American culture.

The Internationals within U.S. communities can be transient or permanent, but their realm of influence includes friends and family here as well as back in their home countries. As our Immanuel missionaries share God boldly through full time outreach to local Internationals, they also have an eternal influence on untold International networks here and abroad.

Beyond financial support, all of our missionaries receive prayer and encouragement from the Immanuel family. We encourage you, at a minimum, to consistently pray for our missionaries' effective cross-cultural outreach. You can be personally involved in our missionaries' ministries through: prayer, correspondence, financial support, hosting, or partnering on overseas projects.

Many of our overseas missionaries (see Overseas Cross-Cultural Outreach) serve in sensitive areas where the spread of the gospel is hindered by significant political and cultural barriers. Due to privacy and security issues, specific information regarding these missionaries is not posted on this website. However, the Missions office will gladly help you individually pursue involvement in ministry with any of our overseas or stateside missionaries.

Special Classes

At various times during the year, special classes and trainings are held for those volunteers involved in any outreach ministries. These workshops are open to the whole IBC family but are especially pertinent to those involved in: short term missions, ESL, Immanuel's Hope, International Outreach Fellowship, and visitation volunteers.

International Bible Fellowship

Immanuel provides Internationals in the area with Sunday morning Bible studies and small group interaction through the International Bible Fellowship. This fellowship is comprised of believers and seekers from different ethnic backgrounds as well as "world Christians" interested in cross-cultural ministry. By attending, one can: participate in Bible studies; befriend and aid International newcomers; fellowship with believers from different cultures; receive updates and pray for various nations and unreached people groups; pray for and receive updates from missionaries overseas; support & encourage one another; and enjoy a time of fellowship. Small group evening bible studies also meet and special events are held quarterly. Schedule: Sundays, 11am, Room B209

Immanuel's Hope

The mission field comes to Immanuel! Every Wednesday, as many as 80 International families from our community come to Immanuel's Hope Ministry to receive charitable assistance including used clothing, linens, and kitchen items. All goods are donated (tax receipt available) and all goods are distributed as free gifts. Visitors receive a loving welcome and hear the Gospel, and they are encouraged to pursue their spiritual walk. Ministry roles include workers who receive and sort donations, computer operators, and volunteers with a heart for cross-cultural assistance, encouragement, and evangelism. This rewarding ministry applies the Great Commission every week in our own neighborhood!

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

The goal of the Immanuel Bible Church ESL Program is to provide loving service and a gospel witness to internationals in our community through a high quality English as a Second Language program. Speaking English can be a matter of survival as well as an important step in improving one's quality of life in America. The people of Immanuel Bible Church serve the community of immigrants (first and second generation) by offering free English classes and loving friendship.

We are aware of our desire and responsibility found in Leviticus 19:34: "The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself…". As we serve our community in love, we share the gospel of God's love through His gift of Jesus Christ. Through personal friendships, Bible studies, the ESL Café, and special events, our students are afforded the opportunity to hear of who Jesus Christ is and experience His love in tangible service. For more information regarding our ESL program, please click on ESL Program Details, ESL Volunteer Staff or contact our ESL Director listed below.

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Contact: Sara Ortiz, ESL Program Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

People of Prayer

This mid-week prayer fellowship aims to seek Him constantly in praise and intercession for the weekly documented requests from our congregation, our missionaries and our community. The People of Prayer participate in a 15-minute prayer Bible study, join in singing choruses of worship, and pray with a heart of confidence and compassion for God's intervention in the lives of others. Schedule: Each Wednesday, 7:30-9:00pm, Room W101


  • Build a personal prayer discipline.
  • Discover the joy of strategic intercession for those that entrust their needs, hopes and joys through the weekly Immanuel Communication Card.
  • Join others in small prayer teams.
  • Faithfully support our church families, leaders, missionaries and ministries in prayer.

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Weekdays - Early Morning Prayer

The BEST way to start your workday!  Monday through Friday, beginning at 5:30am in the Terrace Room (Entrance #5).  Come for a short Bible message (in English) and stay as long as you can for personal time to pray or read the Word.
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Immanuel Christian School

Located in Springfield, VA, and serving families across Fairfax County and Northern Virginia, our private Christian school offers challenging and engaging educational opportunities for students in grades K-High School. Learn more.

KStation: Our Children's Ministry

KStation is our ministry to children, birth through 6th grade. High energy and impactful. Learn More...

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