Virtual VBS 2020

August 3-7, 2020

Last day to register is Friday, July 10

Parent/Guardian Information:

Host is the person/family responsible for having Virtual VBS at their home or on their street (whether they are hosting just the kids in their own household or inviting others to join them). Host will receive a Host Package containing many of the items necessary to facilitate your Virtual VBS. If you and your kids plan to do Virtual VBS at another house, please choose “NO” in the Host dropdown.

All children will receive a Kid Kit which will contain craft, game and snack supplies not otherwise provided by host.

Please indicate the number of Kid Kits you need for your own children.

Total number of children who will be at your home for Virtual VBS (This might include just your own children. Or, if you are hosting others, it will include your own children plus the number of other children who have been registered by their own family (IBC attenders or not) and will be attending VBS at your home.)