Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday morning Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are the quickest way to get connected at Immanuel. Much more than an adult Sunday School class, ABFs are mid-sized communities from which the elders and deacons of Immanuel shepherd our congregation. From these larger communities, small groups are formed. It is in an ABF that you get updates from Immanuel's missionaries, pray for one another during times of need, and share victories as you walk together with the Lord, growing in His Word. Collectively, ABF members integrate with nearly every other ministry, often filling the needs of the larger body when organized acts of service are needed.

Sunday ABF Meetings

Eklektos ABF – Eclectic ABF (adults any age and life stage) 8am Rolland Watenpaugh A207
MorningStar ABF - adults any age; generally seniors 8am Herb Billingsley B203/205
Telioscouples, 20’s & 30’s 9:30am Drew Henricks B203/205
New Life - couples, 30’s 9:30am Ryan Jeffries A206/208
TeamMates - couples, 40’s 9:30am Dennis Call Terrace Room
FamilyBuilders ABF - adults, 50’s 9:30am Nigel Azer A209/211
LifeBuilders - Adults, 50’s & 60’s 9:30am Steve Parshley C202
Koinonia ABF - Adults, 60’s 9:30am Dave Davis A207
MorningSong ABFMusic & Worship Adults 9:30am Chris Hayes Seminar Room & Zoom
Immanuel College Ministry - college age 11:10am Dan Crabtree Student Union
Foundry - young singles & married adults, 20’s & 30’s 11:10am Luke Blackwell Terrace Room
Foundry Mid-Career Singles - Single adults, 40’s, 50’s 11:10am Bob Hartman C202
Sisters of Faith ABF - All women 11:10am Enid Orr W202B & Zoom
Ambassadors - adults any age, generally 60’s & up 11:10am Ron Peoples A209/211 & Zoom
FaithBuilders ABF - adults any age, generally 60’s & up 11:10am Wayne Chesley B203/205 & Zoom
Faith & Culture ABF - adults any age, generally seniors 11:10am Bill Horn A206/208
Todos Juntos - Hispanos adults-In Spanish language 11:10am Pablo Ugalde A207

For more information, contact Bob Hartman.

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