Missionaries supported by Immanuel Bible Church serve many different people groups residing in various countries. The following overview lists missionaries and their current field of service by region. Missionaries serving in sensitive countries are not listed.


Fred and Mabel Amoah-Darko, Ghana Bible teaching, evangelism, personnel oversight

Charles and Florence Mugisha Buregeya, Rwanda Preaching, leadership, project oversight


Mike and Rhonda Cochran, Thailand Computer programming, project coordination

Tony and Marcia Haug, Japan Church planting, evangelism, personnel oversight


Sarah Brandt, Germany youth ministry and discipleship

Valerie Montenegro, France church planting, evangelism

Lomax and Linda Skinner, Germany church planting

Jordan and Jenny Standridge, Italy evangelism


Al and Duke Butkovich*, Metro DC Bible teaching, music, administration

Allan and Pam Gardner*, Metro DC Administration, Bible teaching, ministry coordination

Bobby and Sheila Little, Metro DC Military evangelism, discipleship

Keith and Sharon Morgan, Metro DC Military outreach and discipleship, family-life ministry

Bonnie Pritchard, Metro DC Ministry to poor and homeless

David and Charlotte Treadwell, Metro DC Ministry to poor and homeless

Enid Walker, Metro DC Women’s ministries, Bible teaching

North America

Fred and Janet Butterfield, Virginia Military outreach and discipleship

Dan and Dawn Britton*, Kansas international ministry to athletes and coaches

Dick and Ruth Browning, Canada Adult ministry, children's ministry, outreach, discipleship

Gabe and Nancy Buchholtz*, Arkansas Leadership training, ministry coordination

Eric Dahinden, Arkansas Conference ministry coordination and planning

Neal and Karole Dillard, Virginia Children’s discipleship and outreach

Eric and Colleen Fleshood, Florida Student outreach, ministry leadership

Matthew and Karlyn Geiger, Pennsylvania Campus discipleship, evangelism

Marty and Jerrye Granger, North Carolina Administration, family-life discipleship

Jason and Anastasia Turner, Pennsylvania Student outreach, discipleship

John-Mark and Meg Walker, Virginia Student outreach, discipleship


Sarah Snapp, Bolivia Children’s ministry, teaching


Associate missionaries have the same qualifications as other Immanuel missionaries. They may be connected to ABFs or specific ministries of IBC and they are prayed for by the Immanuel congregation, but they do not receive financial support from the church.

Andrew and Wendy Palau*, Oregon Evangelism crusades worldwide


Missionaries Emeritus are career missionaries who have served in mission field work for many years. Although now retired, most are still active in ministry and would appreciate your prayers and correspondence.

Bernie and Carole Beverly, North Carolina

Carol Bibighaus, Pennsylvania

Eleanor Brittain, California

Doug and Vernadene Heck, Florida

Ray and Carol Ingraham, Pennsylvania

Butch and Bonnie Jarvis, Florida

Bob and Lena Meyer, Florida

Joan Nichols, Iowa

Jim and Carol Plunkitt, Washington

Ruth Scheltema, Georgia

Ken and Wilma Steward, Illinois

Jay and Eleanor Walsh, Michigan

Joan Watkins, Cote d'Ivoire, Africa

* = US-based worker with cross-cultural ministry focus
** = Short-term worker (under 2 years)

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