Summer Breakout Series


summer breakout

Grow in your faith. Grow in wisdom. Grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This July, we will take a break from our normal Sunday morning fellowship groups (Adult Bible Fellowships and Student Ministry Middle & Senior High) and hold a series of seminars targeted at deepening your faith, broadening your understanding of how to face life issues, and most importantly, helping you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. All this happens on Sunday July 2, 9, and 16. And for anyone who serves as a leader at Immanuel (regardless of the ministry) we will have special in-service seminars on Sunday July 23. Spouses are welcome to attend the in-service training.

This is a great opportunity not only to grow, but to step outside your normal Sunday morning routines and hear a variety of Immanuel pastors, elders, and teachers from a range of Immanuel ministries.


July 2

JULY 2, 2023


Taught exclusively by the Immanuel Bible Church General Council of Elders, every seminar will focus on some portion of our Statement  of Faith.


What is atonement and why is it necessary?
(SoF Section 7 SALVATION); Jesse Johnson, Worship Center

What is a “normal, literal, grammatical… approach to interpreting Scripture? What happens if you don’t use it?
(SoF PREAMBLE); Tom Joyce, A107

How did we get our English Bibles and how do we know they are accurate?
(SoF S2 SCRIPTURES); Rod Turk, A206

Why do we call God “Father” and how does that affect how we approach God?
(SoF S3 GOD the Father); Dave Fowler, A207

What is God like and how does that affect how he regards me?
(SoF S3 GOD the Father); Chris Gleason, A208

Why is it critical that Jesus Christ be truly God and truly man? What if any part of this were not true?
(SoF S3 GOD the Son); Michael Connor, A209

How is the sacrifice and burial of Jesus Christ a sufficient answer to the world’s suffering?
(SoF S3 GOD the Son); Jamie McBride, A211

How do we know the Holy Spirit is God, and what is his work in salvation?
(SoF S3 GOD the Spirit); Buddy Lux, B205

What is God’s model for parenting and what do I do when my family doesn’t look like that?
(SoF S8 FAMILY); Jay Blackwell, B207

What are spiritual gifts and why are they important individually and corporately?
(SoF S3 GOD the Spirit); Marc Johansen, B209

How should I regard the church, both universal and local?
(SoF S9 CHURCH); Kirk Streitmater, C202

What does the Bible teach about angels and does this knowledge really matter for our daily lives?
(SoF S4 ANGELS); Chris Hayes, Terrace A

Who is Satan and who are demons (and who are they not), and how do Christians engage in “spiritual warfare?”
(SoF S4 ANGELS); Franklin Childress, Terrace B


What is atonement and why is it necessary?
(SoF Section 7 SALVATION); Jesse Johnson, Worship Center

How is the story of redemption finally resolved?
(SoF S10 FUTURE); Jim Clingenpeel, A107

How did we get our Spanish Bible and how do we know it is accurate?
(SoF S2 SCRIPTURES); Pablo Ugalde, in Spanish, A206

What do the flood and the Tower of Babel events teach us about the goodness and severity/ justice and mercy of God?
(SoF S6 SIN, Judgment); John Neal, A207

Why was the first sin so bad?
(SoF S6 SIN. The Fall); Joel Benson, A208

Why is the world so wicked today?
(SoF S6 SIN, Sin Nature); Dan Crabtree, A209

Why is grace so important for Christians?
(SoF S7 SALVATION); Jim Traficant, A211

Why does Immanuel Bible Church hold a literal, futurist interpretation of the book of The Revelation, including a pre-tribulational rapture of the Church, and a pre-millennial tribulation?
(SoF S10 FUTURE); Eric Tibbets, B203

How ought a Christian regard themselves as a new creature in Christ?
(SoF S7 SALVATION); Bobby Little, B205

How do I address recurring doubt of my salvation, especially when I recognize my guilt before God?
(SoF S7 SALVATION); Nigel Azer, B207

What is God’s model for biblical oneness and how can we experience it in our marriage?
(SoF S8 FAMILY); Scott Faught, B209

What does it mean that mankind was created in God’s image?
(SoF S6 SIN. Creation); Ron Peoples, C202

What is the difference between an ordinance and a sacrament, and why does Immanuel Bible Church celebrate the ordinances they way they do?
(SoF S9 CHURCH); Ryan Francis, Terrace A

How is Immanuel organized and why that way?
(SoF S9 CHURCH); Steve Holley, Terrace B

July 9
July 16
July 23

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