Who is CCEF?

For the last 50 years, the mission of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) has been to “restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the local church.” They train pastors, counselors and ministry leaders to work skillfully in the biblical care of souls. To this end, CCEF’s School of Biblical Counseling (SBC) offers affordable graduate-level distance learning. On-line courses are taught by professors at Westminster Theological Seminary from their Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program, and cohorts of students are guided and graded by trained Recitation Instructors. CCEF courses are internationally renowned, and available to anyone; no application or prior educational degrees are required! Courses may be taken either for credit or audit, and up to five courses may be transferred towards Westminster’s MAC degree.1 The SBC offers two certificate programs: Foundation (2 courses), and Essentials (5 additional courses). Throughout 2022 several advanced courses will be offered from CCEF’s legacy certificate programs.

How it Works

Through the SBC-IBC Partnership, the IBC-Partnership is able to offer CCEF SBC courses at a discounted rate ($525 for a 3 credit course versus $650 through the SBC General Program). Students may audit the courses at half-price. As a requirement of the IBC-Partnership, class cohorts must meet in person (live or Zoom) at least once throughout the 10-week course. Meeting schedule varies by course. Online Instructors (OI's) are provided by the IBC-Partnership. While students may take courses through either the SBC General Program or the IBC-Partnership, to obtain the discounted prices students must register under the IBC-Partnership. NOTE that students need not attend Immanuel to take courses through the IBC-Partnership.

Registration is open between 01/12/23 and 02/28/23. For continuing students in the IBC Partnership, click here, log in to Genius and register for the next term. New students please click here and follow the registration instructions.


Earn a CCEF Formation Certificate!
Every Christian is called to make disciples, and this can mean different things to different people. One thing it means to everyone is helping someone grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) Formation Certificate is comprised of two courses to equip any believer to become more effective in personal ministry.

Dynamics of Biblical Change
(General Program Only)

Only offered through the General Program for the March 2023 term; Please register through CCEF and not Immanuel Bible Church.
Taught by Dr. David Powlison
All students must take this prior to other courses
Course Description

Scripture for Life & Ministry

Taught by Dr. Michael Emlet, MD
(3 Credits; Prerequisite is Dynamics of Biblical Change)
NOTE: Credit and audit students will meet live on Thursday evenings (7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.)  for up to four sessions to discuss course content and receive additional instruction on Bible study methodology.  The Online Instructor for this course is IBC Pastor Bob Hartman.
Course Description

Pricing for These Courses

To receive these prices, you must register through the Immanuel webpage.

Course Credit Non-Credit Add Spouse
Add Spouse
Dynamics of Biblical Change $650.00 $325.00 $487.50* Not Available
Scripture for Life & Ministry $525.00 $262.50 $425.00* Not Available

*Spousal discount is for the same course and applies only to credit offerings. Spouse must have taken Dynamics of Biblical Change to take either Scripture for Life & Ministry or Marriage Counseling. Please contact Bob Hartman if a spouse is accompanying the primary student.

Why should you consider this?

Every Christian would benefit from the prerequisite course, The Dynamics of Biblical Change!  It is about sanctification, why change is so hard, and how we experience it through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  From Dr. Powlison’s illustrations of a 9 year old girl’s struggle with what others think about her to a man in a locked psych ward suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. it explains the confidence we have in Jesus Christ.  No matter how deep the problem, grace, hope and change are always possible – and you will know this is true because you personally changed as you worked through the DBC assignment.  After taking The Dynamics of Biblical Change, many students go on to take other CCEF courses to enhance their personal ministry.

Scripture for Life and Ministry will build essential skill in utilizing all of Scripture in personal ministry. In this course you will learn how to both know people and know Scripture - and bring the two together. Utilizing both lecture, readings and written assignments, Dr. Michael Emlet will stretch even skilled students as he explains how to use the redemptive-historic analysis to connect the person and work of Christ to someone responding to life’s problems as a saint, sufferer, or sinner (and sometimes all three). This is a “hands on” course, where you work through Acts 8 and Psalm 77 to put into practice what you learn.


Limited scholarships are available to Immanuel ministry leaders and their spouses. Contact Pastor Bob Hartman at Immanuel Bible Church for more information.

1 - Application to WTS; and other stipulations apply. https://westminstercommunity.force.com/admissionsfaqs/s/article/Can-I-transfer-classes-I-took-through-CCEF

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